A Few Words on Whiplash


Whiplash injuries are among the fastest growing health problems today. The ever increasing number of automobiles rolling onto our congested streets and highways, the high speed of our freeway system, power brakes and powerful engines all contribute to the growing frequency of the type of accident that can result in a whiplash neck injury.

The research crash council of the USAF has demonstrated that the normal neck can withstand a forward snapping of 50 times the force of gravity before producing major injury, whereas a backward snapping acceleration of only 5 times the force of gravity can be tolerated. Since an auto traveling only 25 miles an hour creates a force exceeding 3,400 pounds, the impact of a crash at this speed will exert several tons of force on the victim's neck.

A whiplash neck injury occurs as the result of a sudden backward and forward whipping movement of the neck. This sudden, forceful movement often stretches or sprains the ligaments and muscles that hold the spinal segments within a critical range of movement position. Failure of the holding ligaments to support the spine allows the spinal segments to become displaced, thus altering the normal mechanical balance of the spine. This increased stress results in eventual degenerative disease of the disc with "spur" formation and the "spurs' will occlude the spinal nerve openings.

It is important to note that virtually every person involved in a moving vehicle accident suffers a whiplash injury to some degree. It's symptoms are not always readily clear.some individuals experience no pain or discomfort for weeks following an accident. and it is advisable to seek competent whiplash injury diagnosis following any auto accident. Left untreated, a whiplash injury can eventually open a veritable "Pandora's Box" of painful chronic health problems that can eventually lead to a lifetime of misery.


Chiropractic Inclusion In Insurance

Chiropractic care is covered under your auto insurance for injuries sustained in automobile accidents. If you are injured on the job, chiropractic care is also covered completely.

Our staff is well trained in all aspects of insurance regulations and are ready to help you understand and utilize your insurance coverage, whether it be private insurance, group plan, Medicare, workers' compensation, liability or med pay for injuries suffered in auto accidents.




I was injured in a hi-impact rear end car accident. The day after the accident I could hardly move my neck and I felt nauseated, had no energy like I was 100 years old. I sought the traditional care of M.D., which consisted of 1 month of copious amounts narcotic like drugs which got me higher than a kite and almost turned me into a junkie. After a lot of the pain subsided (while under the influence of medication) I went the Physical Therapy route which consisted of ultrasound, heat and passive-active exercises. The exercises were too much for me and I soon flared up almost worse than right after the accident. A friend of mine suggested that I see a Chiropractor to get my spine checked for misalignments and that I should see Dr. Carlomagno in San Rafael . He did a complete examination and took X-Rays which the M.D.'s failed to do! The findings confirmed that I did have nerve irritation of my spine and a more natural, gentle form of therapy using adjustments would be appropriate to correct my condition and resolve future complaints. I went for a series of office visits and upon the first reexam I was 100% pain free (without medication) and had almost 90% pre injury function of my neck and body!- Wow!! I want all of you to know that Chiropractic worked wonders for my whiplash and got excellent results! I wish to personally thank Dr. Carlomagno for his kind, thorough care. He has great hands to adjust with which will aid in your recovery.

M.W. Realtor

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