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An important piece of legislation was passed in the 1968 session of the California Legislature. This law brought to an end restriction depriving the policyholder of their privilege to select a Doctor of Chiropractic when the services covered by the policy are within the scope of Chiropractic license.

A policy issued in the State of California may no longer discriminate between licensed practitioners of the healing arts in the performance of covered services. The bill, Senate Bill 1017, went into effect November 13, 1968. It is a historic and significant achievement, an acknowledgment of the rights of each individual to seek out the doctor whom they have found to be, in their own experience, most effective. The Chiropractic Association and the local Societies of the Association sponsored this legislation.

It may be possible, however, that not all insurance companies or their agents are as yet aware of the full implications of Senate bill 1017. Should any questions arise, further information may be obtained upon request directed to the California Chiropractic Association in Sacramento.


Chiropractic Inclusion In Insurance

Chiropractic care is covered under your auto insurance for injuries sustained in automobile accidents. If you are injured on the job, chiropractic care is also covered completely. Our staff is well trained in all aspects of insurance regulations and are ready to help you understand and utilize your insurance coverage, whether it be private insurance, group plan, Medicare, workers' compensation, liability or med pay for injuries suffered in auto accidents.



By an act of Congress, Chiropractic care is included in the Medicare coverage provided our Senior Americans.

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