Health History

The first step for a new Chiropractic patient is filling out a complete health history form. Old injuries, chronic problems, and the patient's present symptoms are recorded on the form for study.

All members of the staff are always available for a complete and thorough discussion with the patient.


After reviewing the health history, the doctor meets with the patient to discuss their problems and determine how they can be best treated through Chiropractic care. Prospective patients are questioned by the Doctor about how the physical strains have affected health by precipitating spinal misalignments called subluxations, and subsequent impingement of the nervous system.

The Examination


Checking the spinal range of motions a regular part of the physical exam. Reflexes are tested and other Chiropractic tests made. Standard orthopedic and neurological tests are included.


A Chiropractic physical includes full length X-rays of the spine, an important innovation of Chiropractic. These standing X-rays show the spine in its natural weight bearing state. Subluxations are determined by careful analysis of the X-rays, palpation of the soft tissue of the spine, range of motion studies, and tests with instruments.


All members of the staff are completely trained and well versed in their responsibilities.

"Ours is a teamwork approach. We believe the patient deserves individual attention to his or her particular need. We work together to achieve this goal." - Dr. Carlomagno


After the Doctor has studied the health history and X-rays, he meets again with the patient to explain the results of the exam and the recommended course of Chiropractic care. A complete information panel is available along with other instructional aids so that any and all questions the patient may have can be answered.


The Doctor will also explain the spine and subluxations. Each nerve root serves a certain portion of the body and its organs. Impairment of its functions can cause or complicate many disease processes

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