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Dr. Kent Carlomagno

Dear prospective patient and friend,

Allow me to introduce myself and explain my philosophy of health care. My practice is that of chiropractic. It is my belief that your health care should be thorough, gentle, caring, and personal.

Upon entering my office you will be given a complete consultation and examination. Your results will be carefully studied and a report will be scheduled. An explanation of your condition will be given and the appropriate Chiropractic treatment will be given. At this point, any questions and fees will be clearly explained.

I like to function as your personal Chiropractor, and I am comfortable treating children, adults, and families of any lifestyles or persuasions.

With regards to my background, I am a graduate of College of Marin, where I obtained two degrees, both in Science and Arts. I am a 1983 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West in Sunnyvale. I was the 1985-1988 secretary of the North Bay Society of the California Chiropractic Association. In 2000, I became Board Certified as an Anti-Aging Health Practitioner to enhance the quality of life as we get older. I am a native of Marin, currently lecturing to industries, businesses, and sports facilities throughout the greater Bay Area and Marin.

I am an active sports participant of the running and cycling world. Due to my sports medicine background, I have had extensive experience working with top level athletes in these fields, including competitive weightlifting. In conjunction with sports medicine, I have an excellent nutrition background which will further benefit my care and treatment of you.

Again, welcome. It will be an honor and a privilege to serve you.

Yours in health,


Kent G. Carlomagno, D.C.

Why I became a Chiropractor

I was 19 years of age working with my father Eugene (who is now still alive as a 93 Y.O surviving W.W. II Naval aviator veteran who was involved in 2 aircraft accidents) repairing a car that was damaged while joyriding when the brakes went out. Unlike myself who did exercise on a regular basis my father was a weekend warrior who was concurrently playing tennis with my mother while also engaging in unusual stressful positions helping me straighten out some metal damage on a left front fender.

Gene (for short) started loosing the feeling in his right fingers shortly after we started the project and this progressed to his wrist, elbow and eventually his right shoulder and neck incapacitating him. Within a week I saw his facial skin color change from normal rosy vibrant appearance to a sallow blanched appearance as if the life force within his body was being extracted. To help himself he first sought allopathic (Medical) care with use of pain killers first (this did nothing except make him feel like a Zombie). They next resorted to treating him with a steroid injection which provided slight temporary relief for a day but he relapsed. He was sent to physical therapy where they used muscle stim, ultrasound, provided neck rehab exercises and a cervical collar support which didn’t do anything but provide again some temporary relief. He was loosing this health battle quickly and desperately needed something to correct his numbness, pain and loss of function in his right upper extremity. He asked everyone in his work office and a co worker referred him to a Chiropractor in San Rafael where they also happened to live. He went for a consultation and physical exam, then his new chiropractor asked if Kaiser took any X rays and the answer was no! Dr B his new chiropractor incredulously asked why not?? then proceeded to take plain film standing X rays of his cervical spine and located 2 areas where there appeared to be trauma to the cervical spine and misalignments causing nerves into his Rt upper extremity to become compressed creating his symptoms. Dr B diagnosed his condition then began a rigorous treatment for Genes very acute condition both using his hands to adjust his lower spinal subluxated vertibra and a pneumatic adjusting tool to address areas he couldn’t get to with his big hands in the upper cervical region. In a week Dad had his cervical collar off and stated what Dr. B had done worked like a miracle and he was overjoyed. I witnessed his innate healing power return by regaining his grip strength, his sensory deficits remiss and his facial color return. Dad knew that I was looking for a professional career/occupation that I could be empassioned by using my hands (which I loved to work with rebuilding mechanical things), encompassed philosophy, art form (in the sense of precise healing adjustments/treatments) that would provide positive healing results and used science which was slowly proving evidence based research. So as you may surmise I choose the wonderful profession of Chiropractic vicariously thru a close family member-my father and close best friend whose life was saved thru Chiropractic care!


Dr. Kent G Carlomagno D.C.

Dr. Carlomagno's Awards and Certifications

Curriculum Vitae...

Dr. Carlomagno currently lectures to industry, businesses, and sports facilities throughout Marin on topics such as the Heimlich maneuver, how to lift, stress management, sports nutrition, and natural health.

Post Graduate Education

2000 Board Certified Anti-Aging Health Practitioner Education

1995 I.D.E. Industrial Disability Evaluator

1983 Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West

1980 Graduate College of Marin

•Associate of Science (Biology)

•Associate of Arts (Psychology)

Member Organizations

1985- present American Board of Nutritional Consultants

1985- present National Arthritis Foundation

1985- present National Health Federation

1985-86 Insurance Committee

1985- 86 Commonwealth Club of America

1985-86 Lions Club, San Rafael

1985-present California Chiropractic Association - Secretary 85-86

1988- present Chamber of Commerce

1988-present active participant of the Marin food bank

1998-present member of the Polly Klass Foundation

1999-present workers compensation provider for the state of Ohio

1999 present member of the disabled Veterans of America

2004- present Business Network International (visitor host).

Recreational (Associations)

1991 - Who's Who in America

1988- present member of the Experimental Aircraft Association

1985- present Tamalpa Running Club

1999-present member of the Marin Bicycle Coalation

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